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Getting into college seems more confusing than ever. The current admission standards have turned our educational system into a pressure cooker for students. Helping our teenagers navigate college admissions can become a full time job for parents.

At Ames Seminars, we understand that to get into college, test scores matter. But how you arrive at a strong score and find a school that fits you best is just as important.

Ames Seminars has been a leader in test prep, college admissions help and academic support for over 17 years because you’re much more than a number to us.

We focus on the core skills and strategies that students need in order to successfully pursue higher education. We know how to strengthen your foundational skills, maximize your tests scores, and find your way through the college application process.

At Ames Seminars, we know that quality instruction, ample practice, and meaningful reflection yield results, so we give you more.

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What Are Students Saying?

“I can’t think of enough good things to say about Ames Seminars. The SAT is no longer this big scary monster. The staff at Ames Seminars has boosted my confidence immeasurably and made me feel like I can achieve what I once thought was impossible.” Kim Brown, Northgate

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Do colleges care if I take the test several times?
If we see a student has taken the SAT once and the scores do not match the high standards of our university and other applicants…